Jonathan Wilkinson
Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson
Member of Parliament for North Vancouver
Extending an Invitation

Extend an Invitation

With this form, you can submit an invitation directly to your local constituency office for events and outreaches you would like us to attend. When your local MP is unavailable, we will do our absolute best to send a representative. We want to be as involved with our North Vancouver community as possible, and your invitations help us do so. Whether you are raising a flag, hosting a charity event, talking to youth groups, or just want us to come by and see the work you do at your business/ organization, we would love to hear from you and will do our best to be in attendance. We appreciate all the work that goes into making our North Vancouver community as special as it is, and not only want to show our gratitude for the hard work that makes it so special, but meet the hard working folks behind the curtain that make it happen. Don't be shy, send us an invitation and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • i.e. tour of business/ organization, fundraiser, roundtable for community issues, invitation to give a speech, celebration, etc.
  • Please state who the invitation is being sent on behalf of
  • Please provide a valid address. If the event is online, simply fill in 'online'.
  • Please provide date (D-M-Y) and time (AM/PM)
  • Here you can also provide any links to that may lead to more information to the event, history of the event, other notable attendees, etc.
  • Include name, email and telephone number
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