Jonathan Wilkinson
Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson
Member of Parliament for North Vancouver
Request a Congratulatory Message

Canadians have the option to request a personalized congratulatory note from the Prime Minister, Governor General/ His Majesty King Charles III and their local MP. in the event of monumental birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

The forms for these requests can be downloaded below.


Prime Minister's Office:

Congratulatory certificates from the Prime Minister are available for 65th birthdays and up (at 5-year intervals) while anniversary certificates are available for 25th wedding anniversaries and up (At 5 year intervals)

Download here:

Congratulatory Message from the Prime Minister



Governor General & His Majesty The King:

The governor general sends messages to Canadians celebrating a 90th birthday or more, and to Canadian couples celebrating
a 50th wedding anniversary or more.

Download here:

Congratulatory Message from Governor General and His Majesty



Jonathan Wilkinson, MP for North Vancouver:

The Minister can send messages to North Vancouver Constituents celebrating a 65th birthday or more (at 5 year intervals), and to couples celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary or more (at 5 year intervals).

Download here:

Congratulatory Message from Jonathan Wilkinson - Birthdays & Anniversaries- Fillable

Congratulatory Message from Jonathan Wilkinson- Birthdays & Anniversaries- Printable


To submit your request online, please email the form labelled 'fillable' to [email protected]

To submit your request in person, please drop off the paper copy of the form labelled 'printable' to 201- 310 Esplanade E, North Vancouver







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310 Esplanade E Suite 201
North Vancouver, British Columbia
V7L 1A4


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