Jonathan Wilkinson
Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson
Member of Parliament for North Vancouver
Columns from the North Shore News

February > Good to be Back on the Perch

March > In Service to all of North Vancouver

April > A Worthy Budget Read

May > Don Mavinic

July > Summer of Housing Discontent

August > Kinder Morgan

September > NV Innovative Companies

October > Homeless, But Not Alone

November > First Anniversary

December > Trans Mountain Decision


January > Transportation Promise

February > Electoral Reform

March > Wastewater Treatment Plant

April > Community Service Agencies

May > Caribou

June > Canada 150

July > Omar Khadr

August > New North Vancouver Museum

September > Environmental Assessment Process

October > Proposed Tax Reforms

December > Sleigh Bells and Caribou 


January > Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Projects (INSTPP) Beginnings

February > Modernizing Environmental Assessment

March > TMX Risk

April > Mtn Hwy Contruction

May > Price on Carbon

June > TMX Investment

July > Protecting Orcas

August > Constituency Staff

September > Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Projects (INSTPP) report

October > Democratic Engagement

November > Orca Species at Risk

December > Celebrating Family


January > Aquaculture

February > Middle Class

March > International Year of Salmon

April > Housing Budget

May > Fisheries Management

June > Zero Plastic Waste

July > Seymour Rockslide

August > Looking Back, Looking Ahead

November > New Parliament

December > Climate Challenge


January > Flight PS752

February > International Science Panel on Climate Change (ISPCC) report

March 20th  > COVID Update

March 27th >  COVID Community Response

April 15th > North Vancouver Youth

April 29th > COVID Community Response : Update

May > Harrowing Times

June 10th > Racism Conversations

June 24th > Teen Homelessness

July > Building Back Better

August > Youth Jobs

September > Safe Back To School

October > COVID Supports

November > For Our Kids

December > Tough Year


January > COVID Risk

February > Long Term Care

March > Homelessness

April > Power of Community

April 21st >Environmental Protection

May > Arctic Connection

June > Pacific Salmon

July > North Vancouver Residential School

August > Protecting Mother Earth

October > Next Generation

November > Transitioning from Min. of Environment and Climate Change to Min. of Natural Resources

December > Hopeful


January > Karl Winter

February > Oath of Citizenship

March > Ukraine Invasion

April > Pandemic to Growth

May > Electoral Boundaries

June > Father's gift

July > Canada Day

August > Shipyards Neighbours at Odds

September > A Gathering of Strangers

October > United Against a Vile Regime

November > A Plan for the Present and For the Future

December > Why I Remain a Climate Optimist


January 4th > A New Year Pledge

January 25th > Building Bridges- One trip At a Time

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